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Magnets for Power Review

Posted by Bruce Bond  on Sep 9th  2016


If you looking for an e-book  on how to build a magnets generator and have some results magnets for power is a good way to go. I own a copy of magnets for power and use it as a reference from time to time because its useful.

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The only recommendation to Magnets for Power is to not use the video they have on the site, since another e-book took advantage of that. That aside, the book is really good.

If I have done my research correctly, the creator of the e-book is from South America. In places like Brazil, Peru, etc. there are not many technology resources available so they have to be very resourceful and use some ingenuity. Some of the things they come up with in South America from the most unlikely source are really pretty amazing. People come up with irrigation systems, bicycles built from scrap, solar panel systems from junk and even over the top wind turbine generators. When I came across magnets for power I did some research and it looked really legitimate so I went for it.

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Reading through the e-book first to see wall of the contents I realized that the I need to find out where to buy strong magnets

magnet generator it shows you how to build I had seen recently. Alternative energy news stories covering guys setting up power generators in their backyard were using the exact same design for the generator. In knew I had seen the design somewhere and I wondered how these guys made them. This is what keeps a lot of people from creating alternative energy systems with Neodymium magnets neodymium magnets because they don’t know how or where to start. When in reality anyone good with a wrench can make one out of materials from or That is exactly what magnets for power instructions teach someone how to do.

I’m looking at it right now and it has 49 pages. On page 48 in magnets for power it even shows the guy making stator molds.  Over all I was impressed with the detail and explanation it went into. Everything from the beginning to the end is explained and is shown with diagrams, measurements and instructions. The molds, coil winders and all parts are shown in how to form. One of the most important parts of the e-book for me was how to properly create the copper coils that fit inside the generator. Creating copper generator coils is something that I always wanted to know how to do. There is a way to incorrectly make these and the magnets for power e-book also showed me what not to do. A simple mistake can actually screw up the whole coil system but its easy to avoid. Magnets for power also has a complete list full of the materials needed for building.

Once the magnets generator was built I needed to Where to find magnets at home add wind blades. This is the only thing that’s not explained but it’s actually a positive because building  wind blades is easy and anyone can find out how to build them for free or can go online and buy various sizes of wind turbine blades pre-made or in kits from a lot of stores but where can I buy strong magnets … specifically? All are made out of fiberglass or plastic like PVC so they are fairly inexpensive either way. The other cool option is to make a water turbine blade and attach this to the magnets for power generator. This way anyone who lives near a Wind turbine blades river or even an ocean can create alternative power. Other than that its a totally complete guide.


On top of magnets for power showing how to create the rotor, stator, the generator coils, mold, etc. The book also shows how to set up the correct wiring system after the magnets generator is built. This in itself is a bonus. Most other books would not explain how to set up the wiring system. The wiring diagrams show exactly how and where to wire the system. Beyond that, Neodymium magnets magnets for power also shows how to troubleshoot any problems that might happen and how to fix them. If built with good materials the magnets generator will actually be fairly strong and last for quite a while. Best of all since I know how to build a magnets generator now, I know exactly how to fix one too.


Magnets for power review.

Overall I give magnets for power a 4.5 out of 5.

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