DIY magnetic spice boards

Advantages of magnetic spice boards


Magnetic spice boards are quite a new idea for storing spices and has gained quite a few adepts in the last few years. Why? There are several reasons for this and we are going to see most of the advantages of magnetic spice boards over other spice storing solutions in the following lines.

Without doubt one of the main advantages of a magnetic spice board is that it is a very simple idea. Think about the fact that it only consists of a metallic board fixed on the wall and several magnetic spice tins. Usually the board is the one that contains the magnet, but we have seen plenty of models in which the spice tins contain the magnetic material.

The second advantage of magnetic spice boards, but at least equally important, is the fact that it saves space. Think about all the space several spice tins can occupy on your working table and think about the fact that you can save all that space by installing a magnetic spice board on the wall.

DIY magnetic spice boards


In case you have decided to install a new storing solution for the spices from your kitchen and you want to go for a magnetic spice board, maybe you should take in to consideration to do it yourself. Why? Because you can save some nice money and besides you have the liberty of making it look exactly the way you want to.

OK, so what do you need for building a DIY magnetic spice board? First of all a magnetic board. Its size and shape depends on every one of you and if you would like to cut it in a custom shape, you will also need a tool for doing this. What else? Some small metallic spice tins with a see through cap so that you will always see what is inside them and some screws or special adhesive for mounting the whole thing on the wall from your kitchen.  all from the neodymium magnets

In the end, you have to fill all the spice tins with your preferred spices and order all of them in the most convenient way for you so that you will have everything at hand when cooking. Good luck!

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