Neo Magnets magnets for sale

Neodymium Magnets Magnets for sale Our company produces and sells neo magnets. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us: . Neo magnets can be divided into two kinds: bonded neo and sintered neo. With small size, light weight and strong magnetism, neo magnets are so far the highest cost performance magnets. It is […]

Magnet Magnets

Thursday May 11th 2017 Phone: 304-464-554Fax: 304-464-4295* All calendars available for 2003 and 2004*—–. We make custom magnets Click here to request a quote Dry Erase Memo Board $17.28 per dozen The 8 round card-stock Magnetic Memo Board features a patriotic message. The gloss-laminate provides ease in removing messages written with any dry-erase pen (not […]

Magnet Basics

Magnet Basics By Janet Forsythe  |   Submitted On August 18, 2016 Are you wondering “What is gauss?” or “What is bipolar”? If so, I will try to answer a few of your questions. Firstly, what is a magnet anyway? A magnet is basically any material that exerts a magnetic field. There are two basic types: permanent magnets and neodymium-bar-magnets. Electromagnets generate magnetic fields […]