Advantages of A Residential Wind Turbine

The Advantages of A Residential Wind Turbine

July 21, 2016 by: lecarlson

Wind Turbines and their costs

Wind Turbines

A residential wind turbine is what you need to get the electric company from milking you with their high electric rates. If you are currently spending over $100 monthly on your electricity in spite of government’s efforts to reduce the cost of power, it may not even be because of the power rates.

According to financial experts, Americans are paying more today than 5 or 10 years ago because there are more electrical gadgets in the home. Games and  magnets for sale entertainment, kitchen appliances and computers and idle electronics consume more power, and with every new gadget you bring into the house, you are increasing your consumption. However, instead of sacrificing convenience for a lower monthly bill, you could use the residential wind turbine as a back-up power source.

More countries have begun giving incentives for people who install alternate power sources in their homes, buildings, farms, and offices, and residential wind power certainly falls under this category. Thus, you get tax breaks for having a wind turbine, however magnets for sale small in your home.

You will also forgo stressing about fuel prices as far as home utility are concerned, and care about it if you have a gas powered vehicle. Then, there is the advantage of neodymium magnets not doing anything to contribute to the sad state of our already heavily polluted environment. With clean energy, you are doing something positive instead of destructive for the environment. Your children will be eternally grateful.

Finally, of all the alternative power sources available the residential wind power is the most convenient and inexpensive to install. Your investment will be a fraction of a solar or water-powered source. As long as you have good wind of about 10 miles per hour in your area, then you can generate enough power to light up your house. If you are able to create storage for the electricity from your residential wind power source, you could energize some small kitchen appliances, and so forth. It just has to start somewhere, no matter how small your initial steps will be, it will be an improvement from your neodymium magnets current situation now. 

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